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Our reports are written by independent, qualified economists with significant experience in Turkish economy, industries and society.

Our reports cover an array of areas for each industry, including industry overview, historical industry performance, industry outlook, competitive landscape, and key market players.

Reports bridge desktop research to commissioned research, arming clients with all necessary knowledge before high-level engagement with big 4s.

Unparalleled insights

Using a synthesis of socio-economic research, economic data analysis and predictive modelling, our reliable economic insights enable organisations to achieve a comparative advantage over their rivals.

TurkAnalitik reports are updated twice a year, providing most up to date information on fast growing Turkish industries.

Flexible subscriptions

TurkAnalitik is the first membership based platform providing standard, in-depth research on Turkish industries in European Union.

Subscribers can enjoy 24/7 access to our historical reports for each industry section.

Featured report

Accommodation and Food Service Activities Industry

This industry includes the provision of short-stay accommodation for visitors and other travellers and the provision of complete meals and drinks fit for immediate consumption. The amount and type of supplementary services provided within this section can vary widely.


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