4 Oct 2019
Taylan Akay
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In August 2019, the main partner country for Turkish exports was Germany with 1,118 million USD worth of goods. Germany was followed by the UK with 1,026 million USD, Iraq with 641 million USD and  USA  with 617 million  USD. Russia was the first in ranking in terms of import origin with 2,030 million USD. Russia was followed  by  China  with 1,422 million USD,  Germany with 1,271 million USD and USA with 823 million USD.

According to Turkish StatisticaI Institute, the ratio of manufacturing industries products in total exports was 95.3 per cent in August. The ratio of high-technology products in manufacturing industries exports was 3.1 per cent. The ratio of manufacturing industries' products in total imports was 75.1 per cent. The ratio of high-technology products in manufacturing industries' imports was 14.3 per cent in August 2019.


Foreign trade by sectors,  August 2019

Sectors August 2019
Total 12,523 million USD
Agriculture, forestry and fisheries 243 million USD
Mining and quarrying 263 million USD
Manufacturing 11,933 million USD
Others 45 million USD