About this Section

This industry (as a residual category) includes the activities of membership organisations, the repair of computers and personal and household goods and a variety of personal service activities not covered elsewhere in the classification.

Industries within this Section

  • Activities of membership organisations
  • Other personal service activities
  • Repair of computers and personal and household goods

Main activities of the industry

Other Service Activities has three divisions and six groups in hierarchy. Other Service Activities industry’s sections and groups are defined as follows.

94-Activities of membership organisations              

        94.1 Activities of business, employers and professional membership organisations            

        94.2 Activities of trade unions          

        94.9 Activities of other membership organisations

95-Repair of computers and  personal and household goods

        95.1 Repair of computers and communication equipment

        95.2 Repair of personal and household goods

96-Other personal service activities

        96.0 Other personal service activities

Technological advances in the industry

Since early 2000s, the adoption of technology by the industry has facilitated an increase in the range of services provided by the industry. Repair of computers and personal and household goods sector in particularly has realised increases in the services provided to its target population. Changing nature of computers and its peripheral equipment such as desktops, laptops, computer terminals, storage devices and printers. as well as communications equipment such as fax machines, two-way radios and consumer electronics such as radios and TVs demanded the industry players to get qualified in the repairers of these equipment to keep up with the consumer demand. Similarly, in the home and garden equipment such as lawn-mowers and blowers, footwear and leather goods, furniture and home furnishings, clothing and clothing accessories, sporting goods, musical instruments, hobby articles and other personal and household goods sector, technological advancements have shifted the product offerings which resulted in changing consumer demand for the repair of such equipment. Consumers’ changing preferences and needs are the most apparent demand side driver in the industry.

Industry Assistance

There are several industry associations and government bodies that provide various supportive activities for the industry. Some of the most important associations in the industry are;

  • Turkish Industrialists' and Businesmen's Association
  • Independent Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association
  • Bilisim Sanayicileri Dernegi (TUBISAD)
  • Turk Elektronik Sanayicileri Dernegi (TESID)
  • Turkish Confederation of Employer Associations  Confederation of Trade Unions of Turkey  Turkish Economic Association 

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15 Aug 2019



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