15 Jun 2019
Taylan Akay
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Turkey's exports under general trade system has increased by 5.4 per cent in this period. Defense and aerospace ranked first in this area with 37 per cent increase in exports. In the January-May period of last year, the sector's exports, which were 784 million USD, reached 1.074 billion USD.

The followers of the defense and aviation industry were chemicals and products with 24.6 per cent, ships and yachts with 23 per cent, and cement, glass, ceramics and earth products with 20.4 percent. The sector surpassed last year's export performance in all months of this period.

The US took the first place in the sector foreign trade with 352.6 million USD. The US was followed by Qatar with 123 million USD. Exports to Qatar increased by 327.7 per cent. Exports to Germany grew by 6.6 per cent and reached 107.4 million USD. Oman, with a 40 per cent increase in the sector's exports reached an export revenue of 100.6 million USD. Exports to the United Arab Emirates increased by 803.5 per cent to 63.2 million USD.

33.6  million USD of defense and aviation exports were made to Holland, which showed a performance parallel to last year's exports whilst 30.3 million USD worth of exports made to India, 27.6 million USD to the United Kingdom, 21.4 million USD to Saudi Arabia and 19 million 187,000 USD to Azerbaijan.