17 Jul 2019
Taylan Akay
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The European Statistical Office (EUROSTAT) has published international trade data for the EU and the eurozone in May. Accordingly, in May, Turkey exported 6,873.8 million Euro to the EU. Turkey, which imports 6,309.3 million Euro from the EU, gave a trade surplus of 564.5 m Euro in May.

Turkey's trade surplus with the EU was 745.5 million Euro in August last year, 467.7 million Euro in September, 1, 723.7 million Euro in October, 1, 485.7 million Euro in November, 765.8 million Euro in December. Its surplus was 1,783.7 million Euro in January 2019, 841.1 million Euro in February 2019, 126.8 million Euro in March 2019 and 857.8 million Euro in April 2019. Thus, Turkey has carried out trade surplus in the last 10 months in trade with the EU.

Turkey exported approximately 34 billion Euro to the EU in the first five months of this year, while its imports reached 29.8 billion Euro from the EU. Thus, the surplus of Turkey to the EU in the first five months of 2019 was 4.2 billion Euro.